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Hi friends,
Thanks for visiting my poetry page, you are more than welcome.I love writing, it is a form of escape, it can take you anywhere you want to go, it is your own imagination running wild,I write poems daily, they may not be always deep, some may be too deep, but its the way I feel at the time.Please come back from time to time and read some more.I also have a public poetry blog, were you are more than welcome to submit a poem of your own, for the World to read.
Have a nice day.

William Sinclair Manson.


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Silence in the room
is what you require
your head is spinning
you start to perspire.
Alone in the dark
the pain is immense
nothing is helping
no matter the expense
Feeling sick
you cannot relax
round and round it circles
migraine at its max.
Certian foods you eat
can make it worse
this horror in your body
a satanic curse.
You cannot see anyone
you need to be secluded
the slightest noise
terrifies the alluded.
Eventually the pain
starts to depreciate
you can face the light
from the window grate.
You can cope with pain
but migraines bring you down
you cannot do anything
except you will drown.

in pain
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Darkness falls upon the village
were birds don't sing anymore
except the odd owl hooting loudly
and the shriek of the rampant wild boar.
The last person lived till ninety four
the rest died before they were twenty
caused by a witch burned to the stake
after her they died a plenty.
Who was this woman? why was she killed?
only a few had known
they say she practised witchcraft by night
from her cottage were spells were grown.
She lived alone with her cat
he was as black as night
into the small witching hours
you heard him screech and fight.
Smoke came from the chimney stack
colors vibrant with light
to the naked eye one could see
figures floating so bright.
Tall figures short figures animal like
were born from the color of gold
hardly a soul lived to tell
the story of darkness untold.
What were those figures why were they here?
only the lady knew why
all that was known that each new night
figures were born in the sky.
Disappearing into the night
no one knew were they would go
or the purpose of their birth
no light…


Manchester we cry for you
we mourn your terrible loss
no reason why you died
its understanding you are cross.
Children as young as eight
lost their lives that night
it beggars any belief
we know it is not right.
Mothers, sisters fathers and sons
struck on that fateful day
Their families beside themselves
all they could do was pray.
Senseless murder of humanity
by a faction with evil intent.
the only thing on their minds
is ending lives unspent.
We know you will carry on
and will not let them win
the treacherous bomber will go to hell
and suffer for his sin.
The people who lost their lives
will always be on our mind
the fathers and the mothers
the innocent and kind.
We hope you are now happy
in a paradise we know is real
a place were you will be appreciated
to love and openly feel.
Manchester we are with you
as you go about your day
terrorism will never beat you
nor will the terrible foray.

Human Tragedy
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It's the outbreak of War
humanity is scared
a time for hurt
no one prepared.
Marching Soldiers
Machines that kill
fired upon people
shooting at will.
Races wiped out
at the click of a gun
tears and sadness
under the sun.
An army of hate
towards your fellow man
they try to hide
the children ran.
Soldiers on orders
killing all ages
rifles at the ready
bombs set with gauges.
Never forget
the millions who died
killed because of race
the people surprised.

War on Humanity
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I cannot live like this for long
not being able to have my own child
I often dream of what might be
if my life had been properly styled!
The opportunity came for me

I couldn't resist this chance
perhaps this would be the end of me
a phase, a passing glance.
Erika was the only life I had known
I couldn't help what I did
her parents must have been frantic
when their daughter I kidnapped and hid.
Five years passed Erika was now 12
she only spoke of her parents for a year
and each time she had mentioned them
I couldn't hide a tear.
She was my life it was complete
it lasted until she had met
her real mother at the shopping mall
who recognized her instantly I bet.
The Police were all over my home
her father was puzzled and shocked
what was happening to my family?
the mystery had now become unlocked.
I did not care for her moms feelings
I was only interested in me
I knew my life would be happy
its all I imagined it to be.
But now I am all alone
with a room filled with bars
I never imagined just how they would…


Delicate flowers
swaying freely
amid a windy backdrop
slight protection
behind a broken wall
being saved by stone
sunshine opening buds
swollen by the heat
desperate to bloom
petals still strong
newly formed.
Morning dew evident
now splattered on the wall
flowers now grouped
feeling stronger in numbers
wind dying down
aroma in the air
flowers now still
content, happy
closing for the night
ready to face
another day.
Birds pecking at petals
bees buzzing around pollen
flowers dying down
turning brown
determined to grow again
seeds carried for miles
by hungry birds
or blown by the wind
landing in another place
sheltered, protected
Spring comes again
flowers now in growth
spreading more joy
cascading colors
beauty beyond scope
in an empty space
now filled with brightness
admired by passers by.

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Does my bum look big
in this here dress?
is my hair ok
or is it a mess?
What time are we due
at the restaurant tonight?
you booked it for seven?
that wasn't too bright!
Only four hours to go
to do my face
shave my legs
I need some space!.
while I'm getting ready
can you feed the dogs?
put the cat out?
bring in some logs!?
Empty the dustbin
tend to the kids
dry the dishes
pots and lids.
Why are YOU not ready yet?
I've been ready for hours
your not even dressed yet
thanks for the flowers.
What have you been doing?
while I was getting dressed?
having a nap?
no wonder I'm stressed.
The cab's here already!
where has the time went?
I got ready in 4 hours
time has been well spent!

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Your touch is like silk on my body
feelings I have are of love
your lips taste of golden honey
you fit my hand like a glove.

When the sun comes up your alive
your eyes are like diamonds in the dark
your personality shines like a torch
bright and alert as a lark.

Darling your my salvation
destiny brought you my way
each morning I awaken with you
is a brand new exciting day.

Our love is like a steam train
never stopping for man or beast
without you my World is empty
an ocular grand feast.

Be in my life forever
and always say I love you
you have my undying friendship
how can I ever be blue.

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Icy cold winds
batters the sides
the boat is trembling
as the barge wildly glides.
Its our watery home
we have known no other
never settled on land
never wanted to bother.
Living is simple
making a bob or two
gliding on canals
with our son as our crew.
Fuel increases
but we sail away
our home on the water
gets better each day.
Transporting goods
from place to place
tons of room
loads of space.
We wouldn't change
this way of living
free of stress
and so much giving.
The barge is our sanctuary
may she live on
when buildings and land
have eventually gone.

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The waves dashed fiercely
bodies tossed heads up
all alone a singular vessel
like a wild straying pup.
Thirteen souls afloat
in a wooden sanctuary
not knowing were it was going
no one knew what day.
No food or supplies had been saved
just people still in a trance
from the old to the young
thrown together in circumstance.
The ship had sunk days ago
the lifeboats went down bar one
only one remained intact
floating in the blazing sun.
One man had taken charge
as excitement dulled common sense
the female passengers crying
no one coming to their defence.
He tried to gather order
as screams of terror flew
this was in desperation
from a terrified motley crew.
Injured people holding wounds
crying with pain
others tried to comfort them
battered by the rain.
For many days they travelled
praying they would sight land
patience and good fortune
witnessed by the slight of hand.
Out of all the ships passengers
only thirteen would survive
starving and half dead
lucky to be alive.
Eventually land had been sighted
for some they would neve…


You search till there isn't any places
look around at expressionless faces
look to man for his own disgraces
naked women , only covered in laces.
Children s laughter is filling the air
when your older, nothing is fair
keeping youthful without a tear
trying out your past, but nothing is there.
Knock at the door and you will find
people who are meek, loving, and kind
no enemy to beat, dazzle, or blind
no hands bleeding, no bandage to bind
The heart captures love, passion, truth
the body alive, encapsulated, aloof
there isn't a lie, you don't need the proof
or a fairy to take away the tooth.
A feeling of strength, nowhere to hide
forget the pitiful, embrace your pride
follow the stream ,to the ultimate tide
fly high to the clouds, and glide
Trust your fellow man, conquer all fear
dodge the bullet, or a sharp spear
keep it under control, hold whats dear
every man has feelings, and will shed a tear
Promises kept, sometimes promises lost
fearful shadows in counting the cost
feeling the ice, but avoiding …


Muggings rife ,old folks scared
murder is common, issues flared
alcohol rampant, drugs abused
jails full of people guilty, accused.
Shopkeepers terrified, windows barred
faces all torn ,ripped, or scarred
children hanging around Town all night
confronting  people causing a fight.
Young girls drinking causing a fuss
language rife when on the bus
little kids learning this is the way
adults all tutting  but wont say.
Anti- social behaviour alive in our day
people are nervous scared of foray
Police overstretched, taxes are high
does anyone care? except you and I?

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Everybody needs sunshine
for spirits to glow
and positive attitudes
for stamina to grow.
Everybody needs food or we don't survive
be it vegetables, meat or fruit
its nice to have a choice these days
some products can be substitute.
Everybody needs to be loved in this life
feel wanted, and given a hug
its part of the ritual of mankind
bitten by a beautiful bug.
Everybody needs companionship
say  "hello" to a stranger passing by
kindness costs nothing a vocal sound
and a courteous glance with your eye.
Everybody needs civility
even when your not in the mood
smile as you go through your day
your attitude can do some good.
Everyone needs each other
or else what is the use?
so thank your lucky stars for love
and forget the normal excuse.
Everybody needs a good old vent
to get the bad things out
raise your arms, cry out loud
verbally scream and shout.

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She knew the day would finally come
when McGregor would predominantly fall
his lifestyle and his love of liquor
was an issue and not the least small.
At an early age he hit the booze
not knowing any other life
no one imagined the reason at all
he had time to take on a wife?.
Mary was delicate and petite to a point
she was invisible for the eye to see
just why she took on this massive task
she was within her rights to flee.
She tried in vain to change McGregor
but old habits died very hard
even producing five handsome sons
with another one on the cards..
The violence came, the abuse started
this petite flower was duly drained
scared when he eventually came home
their marriage was now strained.
His womanising and alcohol addiction
finally came to a head
his antics and blackouts
eventually he would be dead.
Mary watched as her lover detached
from her and all of their kin
McGregor wanted nothing from them
just booze, even raked the bin.
Eventually the old man died
and on his tomb it said
"being dependant on booze…


If I was the moon
I'd shine on your path
take care of the evil
give them my wrath.
If I was the sea
I would carry you for miles
protect you from sharks
drown in your smiles.
If I was God
I would forgive all sinners
force mankind to love
make everyone winners.
If I was rich
I would buy you flowers
give money to the poor
with champagne and showers.
If I was telepathic
I would read your mind
root out all your despair
and make negativity kind.
If I was an insect
I would probably be
a busy wee ant
scrounging and free..
If I was an animal
I would like to be
a roaring Lion
fearing me.
If I was a car
I would be very fast
leaving the dust behind me
having a blast.
If I was a bird
I would soar in the sky
enjoy all the views
and people passing by.
If I was a horse
I would run forever
then eat hay at night
to be proud and clever.
If I was a ship
I would be on a cruise
lap up the sun
enjoying the booze!
If I was the sun
I would shine on all of you
because you are special
unique through and through.


In life we have to make choices
sometimes right or wrong, it depends
but we are the ones who suffer
wrong decisions, never ends.
We have all made mistakes in this life
without them we wouldn't be normal
sacrifices we always make
be it for real or sometimes informal.
So why do people get upset
when clearly they know it hurts you?
wrapped up in their own little World
like glass you can see through.
Be it for real or maybe by chance
that it can affect all but you
circumstance will dictate the outcome
this will indeed ring true..
Set aside selfishness in your life
people can thrive on the past
remember one chance is all you get
live life to the full and have a blast.
Worry has always been a human trait
sadness can thrive in a lonely heart
its better to treat others with respect
be yourself and that's a good start.


I recall the letters you sent me
when I was just a lad
perfumed colour paper
made my senses mad. The love you put into words
brought tears to my eyes
at the end of every letter
you left a beautiful surprise. Fighting made it harder
never knowing if I would live
your words made me determined
the comfort it would give. The war bloody and merciless
friends dying in their droves
all I could smell was perfume
and the pungent smell of cloves. For many weeks nothing came
I felt sad and alone
desperate for your words
dreaming on my own. When the mail finally arrived
my heart would pound wild
you are my one and only
my beautiful sweet child. The war had finally ended
very soon we would be as one
memories are still vivid
as we sit beneath the sun. Your letters kept me alive
spiritually you were with me
even when all around was tragic
you always made me free.


I write poems
thats a fact
they always rhyme
can't help that. Everyone has a style
that makes it cool
from free flow to sonnets
there is no rule. It depends on the writer
what he/she records
everyone works
on their own accords. Some like poetry intense
some like it light
there are no rules
no need to fight. You write from the heart
if you feel the need
stretch your imagination
no limits you heed. Poetry is an escape
to live another life
escape to the study
dodge the wife. We write what we feel
Dependant of the time
it can be of love
or a major crime. Whatever we write
we hope you enjoy
for some its their life
from a girl or boy. Why not give it a bash
let your juices flow
put pen to paper
and let it go.


lulled into a false sense of security
taken from a home they know
promises of a life of money
a chance to make them grow. Everything paid for and more
from poverty to a good life
"you will want for nothing"
you can also bring your wife! Crushed in pokey vans
with little or no air
driven to tiny squats
no one will even care. Uneducated young children
brought to a strange place
who will ever miss them?
kids fallen from grace. Used for cheap labour
for companies who don't ask why
groomed for prostitution
no protection will apply. What are the Government doing?
to end this illegal act
never went through immigration
no dignity intact. Thousands of people kidnapped
expecting a life so good
the choice of accommodation
the promise of substantial food. The horror of this act
is aired in public voice
but still it always happens
sometimes with no choice.


Embers glowing on the log fire
still have to work when you want to retire
the squeaking noise on the church spire
your needs are great by mine are dire.
The leaves are fallin off the beautiful tree
the flowers are devoid of the bumble bee
the winds are howling in a whistling spree
your coming home soon to be with me.
The meal is ready so just sit down
and take away that solemn frown
you may sink in the water but you will never drown
Long live the King and his well fitted crown.
The day is long but the night is forever
you may think your dumb but I know your clever
when your ready to go or it might be whenever
Your head is intact but some want it to sever.
The grass is green but is it on the other side?
you want to say sorry but you think of your pride
your on the cliff edge its about to subside
I love you my dear will you be my bride?
I want you to be happy there's no other way
awake from your slumber face a bright new day
your opinion is precious no one can sway
Is it made of concrete or just out of cl…


My secret wish
is to end all wars
banish the things
that I abhor.
Help the starving
stop children crying
banish all traces
of the sick and dying.
Allow animals to survive
without being hunted
people fleeing from countries
transported and shunted.
Respect the elderly
give them a voice
give fellow man
a reasonable choice.
Look after our planet
keep loving green
the tired and homeless
should be seen.
End all poverty
make everyone rich
from people in mansions
to the man in the ditch,
Learn to live together
stop hunger and greed
make food available
for humans to feed.
Trust in your brother
give them a say
love your sister
be they straight or gay
My secret wish
is for all the above
so before its too late
share the love.
What is Your secret wish?


Kiss the girls
make them cry
tell the truth
never lie.
Offer your heart
bare your soul
make life a winner
achieve your goal.
Live for the day
when all will be well
a loving World
who can tell?
End all hate
and bigotry
unite as one
Care about children
watch them grow
take care of others
you reap what you sow!
Worry about our climate
don't leave it to chance
look after our Earth
make it grow and enhance.
Respect your elders
nurture the good
remember the starving
dying for food!
Share the wealth
end poverty
you will see a difference
to you and me.


Looking through "blinkered" eyes
you don't see much around.
nothing much satisfies you
nothing new is found. All you see is blackness
a vision ready made
forced to see the ugly things
never seems to fade. No one can set you free
and wouldn't anyway.
they are all too busy in their World
selfishly having their way. like a nightmare never ending
your a prisoner in your own demise
never seeing daylight
wishing to see blue skies. Your being held captive
like a lock without a key
your in a place you don't want to be
knowing you can never be free. The only person that can free you
is yourself if you have the will
you must do it on your own
the poison you must spill.
Respect your elders
nurture the good
remember the starving
dying for food! Share the wealth
end poverty
you will see a difference
to you and me.


When your'e in love
grey skies turn blue
butterflies in your tummy
all day through. When hit hard
your mind is all mush
nothing else matters
except your new crush. Head  to toe
you feel so alive
positive thoughts
help you to thrive. like a schoolboy
you eat and breathe love
God has blessed you
high from above. Cant eat or sleep
your heart beats fast
your mind wanders
you think of the past. As long as your here
my life is complete
caressing my soul
and damn hard to beat. Love is fantastic
heaven sent
your in my life now
nothing will prevent.


Amy was just fourteen
when she decided to run
her life was insufferable
never knowing any fun. Her parents abused her daily
mentally she was drained
she had to break the monotony
relationships badly strained. She felt she was unloved
used as a slave all day
her opinions never mattered
she never got her say. Badly advised by a friend
to make off and never come back
seek her fortune in this World
new days would never be black! Vulnerable and lonely
nothing was keeping her here
she packed whatever she could
excited without any fear. Amy jumped on a bus
unperturbed where it would go
dreamily gazing out the window
finally she could grow. Landing in a strange Town
she never knew a soul
walking till her feet ached
dying to meet her goal. She was befriended by a guy
three times her age or more
he gave her food and shelter
when he went he locked the door. Vulnerable and innocent
Amy took what she could
he seemed so kind at first
she thought he did her good. Then things started to change
he became possessively weird
she wanted to g…


I'm invited to a dark place
I think that I should go
nothing here to keep me
no room to blossom or grow.
A place  dark and endless
naked bodies all around
deadened eyes blackened
void of any sound.
Walking on for miles
nothing can be seen
touching ice cold humans
were have they been?
The air is full of stench
nothing wastes away
living on forever
no one wants to stay.
Round and around we go
no doors open here
just the feeling of remorse
dread and fear.
The only time it ends
is if your lucky to see the light
but there's always something around
you can never try to fight.
I'm invited to a dark place
I think I will not go
as witnessed in my darkest hour
I will continue to grow.


Do you have any idea
what its like to be depressed?
always unhappy
feeling stressed. Everyday the same
nothing bright
your brain is fried
always in a fight. Hoping you never
awake the next day
caring less what people think
or what they may say. Visiting doctors
to be fed with pills
watching all around you
attending with ills. Nothing means anything
no interest in life
wondering what its like
to be cut with a knife. Planning your demise
each new day
dreaming of wars
and skies of Gray. Waiting for the time
when you can finally rest
your mind will stop working
failing the test. People all around you
staring at your shell
personal hygiene forgotten
beginning to smell. Don't care what you look like
shabby and forlorn
wearing old clothes
tattered and torn. Days and nights the same
cannot concentrate
tears flowing wildly
humanly a state. Who cares for you?
more people than you know
there is help out there
to make you grow. Don't suffer in silence
as millions do
there are ways to the light
to take you from the blue.


The little things you do for me
always pleases my soul
your kindness is noted
it helps me reach my goal. Friends are like rainbows
treasures await at the end
love and compassion
and all you send. Seeing you each day
brightens my life
it eases the anguish
lowers the strife. Your there for me
as I am for you
the smile on my face
shines on through. It isn't one way
I adore you too
the creme of the crop
the sun shines through. Whatever happens
as our day goes on
we are there for each other
from dusk till dawn. I feel so alone
until I hear your voice
your my number one
and that's my choice.


He glances at the pile of washing
not sure what he should do
does he put his white shirt in
with a t shirt of dark blue? Bedding, curtains, towels and clothes
all piled into the machine
 radio  playing in the background
pounding at its own steam. switching on the washing machine
the other hand dusting the shelves
wow I didn't realise
I thought they cleaned themselves! dishes packed on the counter
the sink has got a task
will he dawn his rubber gloves?
did you have to ask? Time to go and make the bed
thinking its an easy chore
all you do is toss over the duvet
then its on the floor! Time to put the kettle on
the sweat beats off his brow
running out of milk he sees
why not buy a cow! The washing turns at a deadly pace
its a technological wizard
wait isn't that my boxer shorts?
flapping in the blizzard. Time to get the vacuum out
designed to make life easy
but pushing this massive tube of plastic
makes your back feel queasy! Doubled in a bout of pain
hobbling to the couch
housework isn't an easy task
in fact i…


As the World turns today
much has happened this Year
people killed or lost
living in fear.
Earthquakes roar and grumble
famine still is rife
for man, woman, child
hardship comes to life.
But do not forget others
who suffer each new day
don't let them be forgotten
while they have no say.
God moves in mysterious ways
still he wants to be heard
some say this is his way
of reigning in "his herd"
Planets can only take so much
of man made destruction
so lets try our level best
to aid in its construction.
Oceans roar ,winds batter
nothing can stand the blast
just like many years before
we answer to our past.
People in this World each day
suffer a striking blow
lose family members daily
scared more will go.
Nuclear stations blowing up
radiation in the air
for people who never wanted this
too right it isn't fair. Why not use resources free, not harmful at all use the wind and solar power then no one will fall. War, uprisings, restlessness
the whole World going mad
trying to oust despots
democracy needed bad. Lets t…


What do you see in your daily life?
love,  hate, war
arguments ongoing, no sense at all
what are we fighting for?
Hoping a new day brings fresh promise
we all want to live and learn
we only get one crack at the whip
for goodness sake we yearn.
Say "hello" don't be shy
we are all the same
get your head up, enjoy the view
don't hang your head in shame.
Do someone a good turn
make their day
you will benefit
all the way.
When you feel irate
count to ten
hold your breath
think back when.
Peace was the norm
Brothers were united
when each day was magical
you felt excited.
We only have one World
so lets give it a bash
think before you speak
don't be rash.
Unanimous in wealth
its a time to cheer
when we live in harmony
not in fear.


Peace on earth and mercy mild
Why can’t I not have my child?
Pressurised, made to feel un-pure
Morning after tablets may not always cure. Leaving it too late to get advice
After eating well the human spice
Children so young immature in life
To be a partner let alone a wife. Visits to clinics, adults all around
Losing your identity can it ever be found?
Ruining your life, so pure and true
Life full of trauma, feelings of blue. A thirteen year old aged in a day
She has no rights or even can say
I want my baby, to live its life
I was born myself in violent strife. Be protected and wise if things get hot
Whether right or wrong or often not
Babies are born too frequent these days
Children themselves end up ruined this way. Educate yourself in matters of sex
Read all the books study the text
Speak to your parents be honest too
Your life will be better no more fool you.


He tried very hard to fit in
but no one gave him a chance
a new guy in a new hood
a new life he hoped to enhance.

Forgetting the bad times he had
in that old horrific life 
all he wanted was peace
an end to the strife.

Attending many schools
they always got their way
his life was made hell
nearly every day.

A fight that ended in death
they called it self defence
but no one would ever forget
it never made any sense.

Another kid pulled a knife
he had no choice at all
having to defended himself
or he would probably fall.

Reputation followed him
no matter were he went
always leading to challenges
with no peaceful intent.

Someone bigger and stronger
wanted to take him on
but always he would avoid them
before the day had gone.

Eventually he had to pull out
be educated out of school
despite his reputation
he wasn't any fool.

One mistake in your life
follows you all your days
no one ever forgives you
no matter what anyone says.


Colourful prisms of light
set free from blackened cracked glass
forcing the darkness to illuminate
allowing an aroma of cut grass. She never leaves her home
imprisoned within four walls
no one ever gets inside
feeling bound by a chain and ball. A woman who once held respect
heavily into charity by day
a pillar of the community
people listened to what she would say. Many years passed in her life
tragedy struck many times
family passed away, friends moved on
her son sent down for crimes. Now her life was empty
her interest declined by day
nothing would get through to her
at home she was forced to stay. Doctors tried in vain
to get her to leave her house
a frail, aged woman
as quiet as a mouse. She felt she was misunderstood
no one knew how she felt
her illness killing her at speed
of which she was unwillingly dealt. The fear to leave her house
finally took its toll
her heart gave up the battle
the final drum roll.


I cannot sleep
wide awake
let me go
for goodness sake.
I toss and turn
like a restless dog
the wheels have stopped
with a broken cog.
My mind so active
it never stops
like thieves and robbers
being chased by cops!
Try counting sheep
got to the end
this restless night
I cannot defend.
Go have a drink
to settle your mind
think of happy things
try to be kind.
Eventually you fall
into a deep sound sleep
but what time was it?
you did not keep!
Up in the morning
still dead tired
so to you my dear brain
 you are FIRED.


There was a spider
crawling on my floor
couldn't catch the blighter
to put out the door. Every day my eyes were peeled
hoping it would show
not on the walls, or in a corner
were did it go? Open windows are needed
on a hot summer night
but creatures of the outside
scamper for the light. Giant moths fly in tune
dive-bombing by the second
no care for anything in its path
or a newspaper it never reckoned! Still the search is on
for my spider house mate
were the heck did it go?
is it ready for its fate? Scanning the floor, and the walls
still it does not appear
the thought of it still in my  house
is filling me with fear. Our eight legged furry friends
have no idea how they panic
a man in his middle years
distraught and all too manic. Just when its out of your mind
in the corner of your eye you see
your friend running on the floor
so cheeky and its free. Deciding on what action to take
whether he will stand still or run
will you do the humane thing?
or shoot it with a  gun! Panic comes all over me
as I stand in a frozen s…


White flowers
growing wild
loving the weather
especially mild. Mums with buggies
in the park
babies with bottles
hitting the mark. Dogs of all sizes
chasing a ball
some are tiny
others are tall. Green keeper busy
doing his rounds
fish ponds cloudy
out of bounds. Blissful place
park benches full
a maintenance man
using his tool. Picnics laid
time to eat
get some rest
put up your feet. Its time to go
the kids are sad
toddlers sleepy
carried by dad. A day in the park
is what you need
so visit one soon
its priceless indeed.


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